Proper Lighting Makes a Difference.

In the interest of a proper studio set up, the correct lighting is key to bringing out the best in your subject. While a standard set up is a great starting point, you shouldn’t be afraid to tweak the set up to get the best you can out of it.

The studio today had a few digital interns that were tasked with completing the lighting set up for a shoot that is happening over the next few days. These interns went through the process of light correction for the set.

The process begins when you set up the key lights and then continues with the secondary lights. These key lights are there to set a base light level and a general feel for the set up. The interns then moved onto the secondary lighting. In this specific case the secondary lighting consisted of hanging scaffolding, with spot lights attached to the rails. Diffusion gels were added to soften the bloom of the lights, and they were angled to illuminate the subject from the side, to add a subtle back light, and also to illuminate the background. These lights were adjustable and had the versatility necessary to make the subtle changes that were needed for specific adjustments to the lighting on the subject.

All of these things combined creates a setting that perfectly illuminates the subject for the best shot and best looking material for the final product. 


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