Recent Activity

This week has been very exciting for our interns. The sheer amount of activities that have been going on for everyone has been jam packed with excitement. Everything from having a celebrity in the office to in depth talks on the analysis of some forms of anthropology, the interns have had their hands full.

They started the week with lots of filming. They were traveling all over Sydney to various locations for filming shows put on  by one of the members of the Trio de Kali. Lassana Diabate had been using the studio space for practice and recording. There were multiple events in the studio where he would play and discuss his story that were recorded over the course of his time here. Some interns who were filming traveled to many of his events  for the sake of recording them. They took place at various locations like schools or concerts in homes or other venues.

Something else they did was participate in a  talk that took place at the studio by an anthropologist of ethnography. This includes an in-depth discussion, presentation and participation activities. Later on that day, the interns formed teams and took on the task of converting the studio space into a sound set and recording studio. They partnered up and set up lighting, cameras, and microphones with a mixer, to record an interview and music demo with Lassana.

The interns are very much so enjoying their time here with the program and are learning so much and developing very many useful skills. Along with the work they are getting done and the projects they are working on, the interns are acquiring so much, very valuable experience and applying it to the work that they’re doing in a wonderful way.


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