Transcribing Interviews

A few of the interns were tasked this week with the organization and finalization of some interviews that were part of a separate project. These interviews are going to be used for some promotional material for this other project and the task of transcribing them is all part of the process. The thing is, this job is difficult, the speakers may have spoken quickly or had a different sort of accent and the interns have had some difficulty with keeping up with the words so they’re thankful these recordings are digital, as they would have worn out the tape. The interviews themselves went very well, the content of the recording was well done and very educational, and the speakers were very articulate and knew their respective topics well. The recordings on the other hand were sometimes finicky, or otherwise difficult to manage as the microphones used were very specialized. The audio was then edited and fixed most of the aforementioned problems. Now all of the transcripts are done and they are awaiting the next steps in the editing process from the project heads.


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