Digital Interns Expo

Today was an interesting event. All of the people taking part in the digital intern program from locations around Cape Breton, had gathered at CBU for a conference to showcase the program and network with the other interns. We from CBU had played host to over twenty people involved in the program and had guest speakers for parts of the conference and they had workshops with the Digital Interns. These workshops Took up most of the morning and led into the afternoon where the interns then took the time to have a break for lunch and some dedicated time for a meet and greet. The speakers had a workshop for the interns on Digital Storytelling as well as a representative from the Beaton Institute had given a presentation. Following this, all the interns left the conference shared space to get a look at the Centre for Sound Communities working space and studio. After that, all the interns had taken turns telling the rest of the group about all the projects that they are taking part in. All in all the day was a lot of fun for everyone. Some new friends were made and there was information and good times all around.


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